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O.T Table is suitable for all kind of surgeries, i.e general surgery, cascular surgery, Cardio, neurology, urology, gynecology,
proctology, laparoscopy, traumatic surgery, plastic surgery and others. The base & column of the table is made of high
quality medical stainless steel (Grade-304). Non-reflecting surface, antibacterial & easy to clean. We
provide with a top sliding of 5 inch back/forward. Height adjustment, Lateral Tilts, Trendelenburg and Flex – Reflex, Chair
Position and Longitudinal Sliding top are realized by manual.

Suitable for :-

– General Surgery
– Vascular Surgery
– Cardiac Surgery
– Neurology Surgery
– Urology Surgery
– Gynecology
– Laparoscopy
– Plastic Surgery

Standard Accessories :-

– Anesthetic Screen
– Shoulder Supports with pad
– Arm Boards with pad
– Lateral support with pad
– Knee Crutches
– Water Proof rubber Matteress

Technical Specificaton:-

Length of Table                        1910mm
Width of Table Top                   522mm
Height (Min-Max.)                 750-1000mm
Trendelenburg (Rev.)               25deg
Lateral Tilt                                 +20deg
Back Section                              +60deg
Head Section                              +60deg
Leg Section                                  0-90deg

Salient Features:-

    • Encentric Pillars
    • Stainless Fitting
    • Detachable, Head, Leg & Pelvic section
    • Four Sectional Radio-Translucent Top
    • Base & Cover Made of Attractive Easy to clean Stainless Steel
    • Sophisticated Mechanics provide smooth, step less articulation of the table top for precise patient positioning.
    • Press Paddle for Height Adjustment

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